Chinese New Year is just around the corner and everybody wants to emerge looking and feeling younger and fresher than we did last year, especially when meeting relatives we haven’t seen for so long!

Let’s face it, nobody wants to invite comments like “Oh you look so tired!” (which can also be loosely translated to, “You look really old!”). So it’s little wonder that business is so brisk at aesthetic clinics, beauty and hair salons during this time of the year.

If you have been too busy to seek help from the professionals at beauty salons or aesthetic clinics, fret not. Home care beauty products, which target multiple signs of ageing and deliver fast results like CALECIM Multi-Action Cream, are here to save the day.

The average skin regeneration cycle is around 28 days. But as we age, this cycle becomes longer and may take 40 days or more. As a result, our skin becomes dryer and thinner. Signs of ageing, such as wrinkles and pigmentations will also start surfacing.

CALECIM is a patented protein mix derived from umbilical cord lining extract, which is ethically harvested from red deer. It is the purest, youngest and richest source of stem cells, from which active stem cell proteins are then extracted and used in the CALECIM Professional range of products. The concentrated protein growth factors in the products aim to restore epidermal cell turnover time, improve skin fullness and production of elastin.

The efficacy of CALECIM has even earned the stamp of approval of San Diego-based and acclaimed Board-Certified dermatologist Dr. Mitchel Goldman who was in town to meet the media during the launch of the CALECIM Multi-Action Cream. He has also recently been appointed Chairman of the CALECIM Professional Medical Advisory Board.

Lifestyle Collective’s very own Sherri with Dr. Mitchell Goldman at the recent launch of CALECIM in Singapore.

Though the cream was meant to be used daily right after cleansing and before moisturizing, after using it for 2 weeks, I found the cream moisturizing enough to be used on its own.

The cream glided on like silk and had a pleasant and elegant fragrance.

I also noticed my dry skin becoming a little more hydrated and dewy-looking. Fine lines were also less obvious.

I did get a couple of zits in the process, which I attributed to PMS. That said, the pimples healed pretty quickly. I am told that the active ingredients in CALECIM has been collected and used for the treatment of chronic ulcers with good success so maybe it helped speed up the healing process.

More information on Calecim can be found at

RRP: $280

Calecim products and anti-ageing treatments are available at the following clinics:

Freia Aesthetics: Wisma Atria Office Tower, #19-02. Tel: 6735 8180

Dermatology Associates: Paragon, #15-05. Tel: 6333 8108

Clifford Clinic: Clifford Centre, #01-03. Tel: 6532 2400

Prive Aesthetics: Palais Renaissance, #03-02. Tel: 9656 5380

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