Gift giving has become terribly commercialised with people giving presents without any thought of whether it will be cherished or even enjoyed by the recipient. But doesn’t it make more sense to give gifts that you know your friends and family will love and not contribute to the steadily increasing mountain of waste we already produce during the holiday season?

This year, why not try and go zero or as low waste as you can with your gift giving. Zero waste gifts are essentially those that are handmade, homemade, preloved, or items that help to reduce unnecessary disposable or plastic waste but are still things that the recipient will love.

If you have a friend who loves sports, adventure, movies or learning something new, then either of these suggestions would be well received: Concert or movie tickets, gym membership, dancing lessons, scuba lessons, a restaurant gift certificate a massage voucher or anything that gives the receiver an experience they would enjoy.

TicketsThese suggestions would make a thoughtful gift for your eco-conscious or travel-loving friend: Stainless Steel Straws, Bamboo Travel Utensils, Cotton Produce Bags, Package Free Soap Solid Shampoo, Package Free Soap, Cloth Napkins or Hankies, Bee’s Wrap Reusable Wraps, Safety Razor, Bamboo Toothbrush, Reusable Coffee Cup, Organic Wool Dryer Balls, Reusable Cosmetic Rounds, seeds or a beautiful air purifying plant.wool dryer balls

Organic wool dryer balls

bamboo toothbrush
Bamboo and charcoal toothbrushes


stainless steel straws
Stainless steel reusable straw
Seeds make a wonderful gift that keeps on giving. Choose from flowers to edible plants.
reusable coffee cup
Reusable coffee cup


If you love cooking or baking, whipping up a batch of homemade goodies would make a thoughtful and delicious gift for your foodie friends: Homemade candy, homemade cookies, homemade salsa, fruit and nut basket, homemade flavoured salts, homemade spice blends, DIY cookies in a jar, homemade jams or jellies, jar of trail mix or nuts or a loaf of fragrant homemade bread.


Spice blend
Customised spice blends


Homemade flavoured salts


Home made candy
Homemade candy or fudge


Cookie box
Homemade cookies in a recyclable box


Fresh bread
Freshly baked bread


For everyone else, any of these suggestions would make a thoughtful, not to mention useful gift: Homemade lotion, homemade lip balm, sugar scrub, Vintage Jewelry, candles, a subscription to Netflix, local art or a one time or one month of cleaning services.


sugar scrub
Homemade sugar scrub
home made body lotion
Homemade body lotion
vintage jewelry
Vintage jewelry
A beautifully scented candle in either soy or apricot wax in a recycled jar


A great gift does not have to burn a hole in your wallet. What makes a gift great is the thought and effort that goes into it. So when choosing a present this Christmas, think of the recipient, what sort of person they are and what they would enjoy receiving and you wont go wrong.
Have a great Christmas!