Alqvimia treatments are based on their belief that everything is connected and interrelated. That the body, health, beauty, the world and life itself is all connected to each other and therefore if one of them is out of sync, it can affect the rest. Alqvimia believes profoundly in this connection and in the energy and power of the woman as the bearer of life and wisdom and their Bust Treatment is a must to maintain perfect feminine health and balance.


Queen of Hungary water
Queen of Hungary Water aids circulation and facilitates detoxification


The treatment is based on the combination of ancient alchemical wisdom combined with the finest 100% natural essential oils, applied by expert hands, to bring beauty, health and wellness from the inside and out.


Essential oil
Bulgarian Rose essential oil to balance the body, mind and soul


This treatment has been specially designed for the delicate bust area and uses the Alqvimia Generous Bust or Bust Firming body oils, combined with a special Tao massage that moulds and shapes the bust, lifting it and increasing its volume, making it look fuller and shapelier.

For more information, visit Casamia at 470 North Bridge Road – Bugis Cube #03-01 Bugis, 188735, Singapore or call them at 6274 0069 / 8720 2287.

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