Heliocare Oral is an oral sunscreen that protects skin from premature ageing and sun damage, while inhibiting the depletion of collagen caused by UVA by 55%!

It also reduces free radicals by up to 50% – thus preventing hyperpigmentation caused by UV rays…

Just two capsules a day keeps you protected when outdoors. Heliocare’s patented fern extract of Polypodium leucotomous is currently the only agent known to provide oral sun protection. It also improves your skin’s inner defenses by preventing and reducing cellular damage caused by UV rays and free radicals.

This oral sunscreen protects the entire skin surface, increasing it’s resistance against sunburn and redness by up to 300%. Other than protecting your skin from harmful UV rays, Fernblock® repairs existing damage in the cellular level, preventing cell mutation and premature skin ageing.

Heliocare Oral provides your skin with maximum sun protection when used together with topical sunscreen, and can help make up for the limitations of topical sunscreen (especially since the fact that many of us do not apply enough – nor do we reapply every two hours), providing protection to all skin areas and reaching the skin’s deepest layers.

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