Thinking of upgrading your phone to a Samsung Note 8? Quarter 4 has historically been when most premium phones (over $500 USD) have been launched and here are 3 reasons why you should wait a few more weeks before making that plunge:

  • Apple iPhone 7s/8 – Apple has finally invited people to what is expected to be their new iPhone announcement. Rumour has it that there will be a 7s which will be an upgraded iPhone 7 (and look pretty much the same – probably with new colours) while a new iPhone 8 which will be a super premium (it’s expected to retail above the Samsung Note 8 – which at the time of writing this is retailing for SGD$1,398 in Singapore for the 64GB variant). More details about the specs can be found at:

“iPhone 8” dummy model images courtesy of Ben Miller

  • Google Pixel 2 – Last year Google launched their Pixel phone in a few countries (Australia and India were the lucky two in Asia to get the phone) and got rave reviews for their camera, hardware specs and the fact that it ran on native Android. This year we are hoping (and praying – the religious ones amongst us at least) that they will be expanding their distribution to more markets and that Singapore will be one of the lucky ones! Last year’s announcement was in early October, so we don’t expect this year’s to be too far from that same date. Rumour has it that the phones will come in two designs, with the larger one going almost bezel-less while the smaller version looking more like its predecessor. Good news however is that all leaks seem to point to dual front facing speakers on both devices (Yaay!) and this should make a world of difference for those of us who like watching videos on our phones with the speaker on. The camera is supposedly even better than last year’s and if this picture, taken by the current gen. Pixel is anything to go by, then we are super excited!

Sydney - low res

  • We are hoping that this phone will be a great alternative for folks like us who are Android or iPhone users, and just tired of the way Apple tries to bury you deeper within their ecosystem.  Here are some leaked pictures of a prototype from our friends at Android Police

Pixel 2

  • LG V30 – Could this be the phone which finally lets LG catch up with Samsung and the rest of the premium device market? This is the 3rd iteration of the V series and just like the Microsoft Surface, its seems like the 3rd time is the charm. The device looks beautiful externally with an all-glass back, fingerprint sensor at the back just like the Google Pixel, almost bezel-less screen and expandable memory. If anything will hold this phone back it’ll be its camera and Samsungesque bloatware. Announced August 31st, with pre-orders starting on the 17th of September in the U.S. – Sale date in Singapore has not been announced yet, however we expect it to be within Quarter 4 this year, so keep those fingers crossed!Check out a hands-on review by our friend’s at TechRadar:
LG V30
Image courtesy LG