Skin and caring for it is something that has been around since, well, skin

It’s a field that encompasses all manner of treatments, lotions and contraptions in a bid to look after one’s skin and keep it healthy and looking its best.

Skincare treatments for the face include steam, exfoliation, extraction face masks, massages, peels, lotions and one of the best known – the medical facial.

For most guys like me, this all sounds like a foreign language – but the times, they are a-changing, gentlemen. These days, its not just brawn and brains that are going to help us make our way in this world, but our appearance as well…

And so – obviously with this in mind – I was recently forced by my editor to try out a medical facial treatment when she learned that I had never ever had one! It took me a few weeks of contemplation, and a certain amount of trepidation, before I finally gave in and agreed.

My introduction to this mysterious new world would be made at EHA Clinic at Shaw Centre, where equally mysterious and futuristic machines would be used to undertake a detailed appraisal of my face and carry out a number of different techniques aimed at treating my somewhat neglected and middle-aged fizog.

EHA is an aesthetic medical clinic and is headed up by Dr. Elias Tam, who is a well-respected expert in aesthetic medicine. The clinic handles a wide range of treatments for the face, body and hair using some of the latest, FDA-approved medical devices and procedures available in the market – all tools used to help keep oneself ahead of the age game…

The clinic is made up of a team of really friendly and professional staff with many years of experience – so I knew I was in safe hands.

I have never really cared for my skin and have exposed it to the elements throughout my entire life. I have been sunburnt to the point of blisters, and have even exposed my face to gale-force winds and extremely cold temperatures. Needless to say, the clinicians at EHA had little to work with, but did a great job in trying to rejuvenate the skin on my face, and left me feeling incredibly pampered.

My face – digitally mapped by Visia…

The first step in my treatment was having my face examined and photographed from all angles using the Visia machine. The images were then fed into a computer which analysed the dry and oily real estate on my face. This allowed my clinician to customise treatments that were best suited to my skin type. I didn’t realise that such an examination was possible or that such a detailed report was part of the facial treatment. Prior to this, in my mind, a facial was having cream smothered on your face and then lying there, twiddling your thumbs for half an hour…

It was determined that after the initial recce of my face that I would require a skin-cleansing and exfoliation treatment in conjunction with a Hydra Facial which utilises Hydra-dermabrasion in conjunction with Red Light Therapy, as well as a face mask – all topped off with a facial massage. These treatments are all non-invasive and safe for all skin types. This approach cleanses, extracts, exfoliates and hydrates your skin quickly and effectively.

The Hydra Facial does not involve coercing a multi-headed dragon-like beast conjured from Game of Thrones – ‘cos that’s my idea of Hydra…

Hydra Facial in action.

This particular “Hydra” is a far more sophisticated beast, and instead owes its efficacy to the interacting effects of the system’s three components. Nutrient-rich active serums cleanse and nourish the skin, while disposable HydroPeelTM tips apply the serums. Dead cells and impurities are then scraped up, while a vacuum system delivers the serums; stimulating the production of collagen and swirling away the dead cells and impurities without any discomfort.

Cold Face Mask being applied – I could get used to this!

The sensation of the cold face mask was fantastic. Knowing that my face was getting a thorough cleansing, and of course being pampered at the same time – were a fantastic experience for a facial newbie like me. In fact even my partner and others have mentioned how much better I looked after the treatment, so I guess thats a pretty good sign!

I certainly left the clinic feeling as though my face was cleaner and my skin did feel a little tighter than before.

Overall I enjoyed the experience and would thoroughly recommend the experience to others like myself, who might have previously thought such treatments were either unnecessary or a bit scary!

Hmmm, I could actually get used to this… Wonder if I could convince my editor that I need to go for a nice relaxing massage as well…

EHA Clinic is located at 1 Scotts Road #15-01 in Orchard, Singapore. Find out more on Facebook: