A buyer’s guide to not being ripped off…

If you’re as busy as I am, but have a drinking problem like the occasional drink, you may not want to waste time heading down to a bar or spending excessively at your neighbourhood 7-11.

You can use technology to absolutely ruin your liver – or, if you prefer a nicer turn of phrase – purchase your alcohol easily and affordably.

Here are a few options you can try, the next time you’re hosting a quiet get-together or a massive rager, whichever floats your boat:

Prime Now


Lo & behold, Prime Now has an entire section of their app dedicated to alcohol. Between searching for toothpaste and that gadget you did not need, Prime Now also offers a decent selection of alcohol. Coupled with their 2-hour delivery time, this does make it a viable party-time drinks delivery service.



BottlesXO delivers high quality wine and craft beer within 60 (or as they claim, 30 min). This is without delivery fee and no minimum order. Like Prime Now, this is a mobile app service, so as long as you have charge left in your battery and a working credit card, you’re sorted.

This service works best when you’re running short of booze at a party or have an urge for some craft beer or wine, and you need a quick fix right away.


Lazada Alcohol
Lazada offers both a mobile and web experience, so from that standpoint, I am a big fan.

I discovered their alcohol collection by accident recently. I was looking to replace a broken wine glass and after adding it to my cart, I just happened to look at recommended options. This led to me purchasing 6 whiskey tumblers, which then led me to purchasing 3 bottles of wine.

The delivery times are longer lead, but at low prices and a wide selection, Lazada is how I keep my home stocked up.

There you have it. Purchasing alcohol online through these 3 services can help ensure you’ve got a well-stocked bar and your party is never dry. I feel however, like I should recommend drinking responsibly.


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