What happens when you suffer some injury or illness while you’re travelling and don’t have immediate access to a medical practitioner to address your concerns or questions?

Our Lifestyle Collective writer is always on the move and travelling in and out of town quite regularly. Flying around the tropics may sound like fun, but as he’s found out to his cost, not so great when you also have to deal with mosquitoes and insect bites: 

I’ve been travelling a lot these past few days while working a 9-to-5 and writing for great publications part-time. This doesn’t really allow me much time to take care of myself nor afford the doctor’s bills all the time.

I work in a startup where my insurance coverage isn’t really that great and I don’t earn enough to buy myself lunch every day – so regular doctor visits aren’t really an option.

Anyhow, coming back to my story, I’ve been out of the country for work and weekend getaways pretty much non-stop for the last two months. This means, I’ve been exposing my sensitive (Asian) skin to dry or humid weather on-and-off during that whole time. I’ve also been a portable lunch box for most of the region’s insects, so thanks Mother Nature.

What I needed was relief from the relentless itching and something relevant to my sensitive skin. I decided to download MyDoc, because its free and because I couldn’t stop finding articles giving me all-natural herbal remedies that might scar me for life.

Joining was pretty straightforward and the only group I can join from now is the Guardian Pharmacy one, which has both pharmacists and doctors online.

They’ve got a kinda cool bot to take down your details… In a couple of minutes I was connected to a Guardian pharmacist

The Conversation:


Would I use it again?


It was quick, easy-to-use and the pharmacist was friendly. This made me feel at ease and made me trust the advice I was getting.

If I could change something about the service, it would probably be to add more Groups. How about some free dental services!

I would recommend to this service to my friends and family. It’s great to get good medical advice fast without having to pay a doctor for it.


I used the Guardian Group on MyDoc to send over a couple of pictures to a pharmacist who gave me good advice on how to effectively deal with my rashes.