Candy, the world’s first smart home appliances manufacturer, has finally landed on Singapore’s shores. 

And Kristen from Lifestyle Collective was invited to the launch of Candy’s new Watch & Touch Oven to get firsthand experience of their new smart technology!

Kristen from LIFESTYLE COLLECTIVE, Joey from LIVEWELL Magazine, and Doreen from U-WEEKLY.

You are literally stepping into the future with the new Candy Watch & Touch Oven – instead of the traditional front glass door, this oven comes fitted with a 19” touchscreen.

This enables you to control all functions and regulate your cooking settings. If that wasn’t enough, its extra large 78l cavity size and its multifunctional options ensure uniform heat even on various levels.


The intuitive interface means you can check what stage your food is at whenever you want, simply by looking at the door display. For the first time ever, the built-in HD camera means you can watch the entire cooking process without having to open your oven door and get your face blasted by a huge wave of hot air.

And if you have to pop out of the kitchen or house for a bit, the Simply-Fi Candy App will allow you to keep an eye on the progress of that delicate meringue on your smartphone and in real time.


For the not-so-domestic goddess out there, the video tutorial on the display and the step-by-step instructions will ensure you whip up culinary delights – minus the stress and hair pulling. You will also find more than 70 programmes recommending the best set of options to cook your favourite dishes, and even suggestions based on the number of portions required. Culinary experts or anyone who knows what they need, can simply opt for the manual mode.


Candy will be introducing two smart gadgets into the local market – the Candy Watch & Touch Oven, and the Smart Touch Washing Machine, which you can control using your smartphone and comes loaded with laundry care suggestions and tips, as well as 40 additional programmes making living just that much easier!



Watch out for our unboxing of the Candy Athen Evo, a cordless handheld vacuum cleaner that we received as a media gift during the launch of the new Candy Smart Home range of appliances!