Imagine a skin-smoothing treatment that combines vegan retinol, virgin marula oil, and ceramides, to refine the skin’s texture and minimise the appearance of lines, hyperpigmentation, blemishes, and sun damage, while locking in moisture and restoring a healthy glow, all while not causing a flareup?

Well imagine no more, because Drunk Elephant has once again done their magic and created a gentle retinol that is safe for use for just about anyone, including yours truly, who has never before been able to enjoy the magical powers of this wonder skin care ingredient!   

Here’s Why I Am Obsessed With A-GloeiTM

I have read so much about the benefits of retinol, and seen how effective it is first hand, but unfortunately it has never agreed with my overly sensitive skin, until now. Retinol as a skin care ingredient is awesome because it clarifies, refines, and smooths uneven, blemished, textured, or ageing skin.

A-GloeiTM with its antioxidant- and omega-rich virgin marula oil replenishes essential moisture and reduces the appearance of redness, while plant-derived ceramides (which are identical to the wax-like moisturising ceramides that occur naturally in our skin) replenishes the skin barrier improving elasticity.

Designed for both new and experienced retinol users, A-GloeiTM which is packaged in recyclable reinforced glass to protect its potency, was formulated with all skin in mind. Retinol gets a bad rap for being sensitising, but A-GloeiTM is formulated with soothing marula oil to gently deliver retinol to the skin, ensuring high efficacy without redness or irritation.

Safe To Use Both Day Or Night

Unlike other retinols, A-Gloei can be used either morning or night. Simply apply 2-3 drops to a clean, dry face. You can even mix it with any Drunk Elephant moisturiser or serum like C-FirmaTM for greater brightening and firming benefits.

Drunk Elephant’s A-GloeiTM Maretinol Oil which retails for $105 is available online at Sephora and at select Sephora stores.