By Sara El Halabi J.

When I was younger, I joined my aunt and grandmother in applying their anti-ageing tips. I still remember my skin’s velvet feeling after that beauty routine; flawless like porcelain, revitalized like the spring. My aunt always had a fresh look with shiny skin, and my grandmother looked as if she were in her forties when she was actually in her late fifties.

I still use many of my grandmother and aunt’s anti-ageing tips today. I’ve also discovered other routines from naturist experts, such as Moon Cho, founder of Yin and Yang Living, who brings the best of the millennial Asian skincare routine.

Skincare and anti-ageing techniques may sometimes make you feel overwhelmed or confused, so here is how I use generational wisdom and some everyday ingredients to make my skin glow.  


The king of Ayurveda for its healing, immunity-boosting and anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric treats diverse symptoms. It reduces the oil secretion of our sebaceous glands while also lightening scars.

To treat acne, mix a few drops of water and lemon juice with turmeric powder and apply to the affected area. Leave for 15 minutes, then scrub gently with water before rinsing with warm water and then cold. 

Turmeric is also an excellent evening skin toner to treat dark circles under the eyes. Mix yoghurt, almond flour, lemon juice, and turmeric powder and apply under the eyes. This mix can stay in the refrigerator for about a week. Use it every night for two or three weeks to see results.


This yummy ingredient is rich in vitamin E and, when made into a toner, softens the skin, treats tiny pores and fights wrinkles. 

Use organic rice—preferably jasmine for its fresh scent and whitening effect on the skin—and cook it with twice the amount of water you would typically use. When it’s cooked, strain and keep the water in the refrigerator for a maximum of five days to use daily for bright and soft skin. 

Green Tea

This unique herb is rich in antioxidants that fight environmental free radicals and can gently soothe damaged and irritated skin. Adding honey to a handful of chopped green tea or 2 to 3 teabags of it will revive tired skin. 

Green tea mixed with mashed bananas relieves acne symptoms, or mixed with pulped mango serves as a perfect cleanser. Or brew some and mix it with yoghurt, honey, and sea salt or sugar to make a mask to apply on a clean face for 20 minutes.


The ideal skin toner, rosewater balances your skin’s PH levels and reduces inflammation. You can find it in natural or Arabic grocery stores. 

You can also prepare it yourself by grinding a few rose petals and boiling them in water. Keep the water in the refrigerator and spray or apply it with cotton after cleansing your face.

Aloe Vera 

This miraculous plant is the best therapeutic option for several skin afflictions. It contains anti-inflammatory properties that stimulate collagen production, rejuvenates, moisturizes, and hydrates the skin. 

Scrub the pulp into your skin to absorb its countless nutrients and leave for a few minutes. However, from personal experience, I never use it in the sunlight as it can darken my skin.

Coconut Oil 

This exotic oil is rich in vitamins E and K, antioxidants, iron, and other minerals, making it an excellent moisturizer, lip balm, and makeup remover. 

To create a great face or body scrub, mix one-part coconut oil and sea salt or sugar. 

It also nourishes eyelashes and brows and makes them thicker. Always use organic, extra-virgin coconut oil.

Sesame Oil 

To protect your skin against UV rays, smoke, smog and other harmful elements, incorporate sesame oil into your routine. Its fatty acids rejuvenate and hydrate—excellent for dry skin.

Olive Oil 

This Mediterranean liquid gold will spoil your skin with endless benefits. Rich in antioxidants, it not only protects the skin but also fights off cancer-causing cells.

A Healthy Diet

For centuries, women have sought beauty and youthful looks, committing to skincare routines and timeless anti-ageing tips using natural elements found in their local bazaars and kitchens. Today, we can find foreign ingredients wherever we live and apply tips from around the globe.

However, we forget that getting adequate sleep and eating a healthy diet is the foundation of our beauty. A daily anti-ageing diet must include:

  • Two litres of water 
  • Three to five portions of fruit
  • Various raw vegetables and leafy greens 
  • Protein and healthy fats rich in Omega-3

My grandmother told me, “No matter what you do, if you eat junk food and don’t follow a healthy diet and routine, your skin will wrinkle prematurely like a raisin.” And I will never forget this wisdom.

If you are allergic to or react to an ingredient, do not use it on your skin and consult a medical professional if you have a serious reaction.