If you love animated movies, you are going to be over the moon to know that classic favourites like Sonic the Hedgehog and The Addams Family are getting new films, while Pokemon, Frozen, Toy Story, and Shrek are getting new additions. On top of all that, Lady and the Tramp, The Lion King, and Dumbo are getting full-on refreshes!

While there is no guarantee that they will all be as good as the original, we’ll still be able to relive our childhood and even discover some beautiful new stories.

Frozen 2

Frozen was a movie with a number of secretly adult themes, like the need to accept and come to terms with trauma and the danger of repressed feelings, not to mention the feminist message of a heroine who didn’t need a man to get her happy ending. Throw in the catchy soundtrack and we are sold!

How to Train Your Dragon – The Hidden World

The sequel to the blockbuster How to Train Your Dragon was one of the hotly anticipated sequels of early 2019, along with LEGO Movie 2, and they were both released only two weeks apart. According to Rotten Tomatoes, How to Train Your Dragon just beat out its plastic rival with a story that does justice to the sweet and family-focused first two while wrapping up with a satisfying ending worthy of a big awwww.

Lady and the Tramp

If you were a fan of the original, you are probably not going to want to miss this live-action remake. Ashley JensenJustin Theroux, and Sam Elliott  will voice the characters of Jackie, Tramp, and Trusty, respectively. Additionally, Kiersey Clemons is said to play the live-action role of Darling, Lady’s human owner. We seriously can’t wait!

Toy Story 4

The original cast is back! Voiced by Tom Hanks and Jordan Peele, part 4, might be even better than part 3. Produced by Jonas Rivera (who also produced Up and Inside Out) and written by Andrew Stanton (who helped pen Wall-E) we are confident that part 4 is going to be a winner!

The Lion King

The film stars the voices of Donald GloverSeth RogenChiwetel EjioforAlfre WoodardBilly EichnerJohn KaniJohn OliverBeyoncé, and James Earl Jones.

With stunning looking visuals and CGI, this remake might be as moving as the original, if not better!